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forex92 logoInternet has really revolutionized the forex market as it has opened numerous opportunities for small retail investors.  Forex market was flooded with many retail investors after trading started via internet some years ago. Small investors were expecting to earn some quick bucks but that was not the case with majority of them as they lost their hard earned money within first few weeks. Therefore, retail investors realized that forex investing is a risky and difficult task which can only  be done through the help of professional fund managers and traders. Therefore, it can be said that managed forex account in USA is best solution for this situation as they offer investors with services of professional fund managers. In addition, managed forex account in USA offers one of the best investment opportunities to earn a monthly profit based on the amount of the investment.

However, forex investors must take care while selecting a managed forex account services provider as scams have become very common these days. Investors must select a reliable managed forex account in USA               company which has all resources to handle risky and difficult situations of the forex market. A good managed forex account in USA Services Company provides following benefits to its users.

Advantages of using managed forex accounts in USA   services

Risk protection

Managed forex account in USA  services are a very good way of getting protected from risky and dangerous situations in the forex market. Forex investor can only protect his/her investment only if he/she has selected a reliable and reputable managed forex account in USA                                                              services provider.

Generates regular Returns

Managed forex account in USA  is very good source of regular income for forex investors. It can be good source of income for people who want to use their idle wealth stored in  bank accounts.


Professional fund managers are fully trained to handle all kinds of situations of the forex market. They fully know how to earn profit even in bearish trends. They know how to use their resources to turn threatening situation into an opportunity for them.

Passive Investment

Managed forex account in USA provides a very good profit earning opportunity for busy businessmen. Since, they don’t have time to indulge in time taking forex trading activities. Experienced fund managers hired by managed forex account in USA  company can easily handle their funds. These kind of investors just have to open an account with a managed forex account in USA and then sit back and relax.

Highly Liquidity

Forex market is highly liquid as compared to other investment options. Forex investor can instantly withdraw their investments from their managed forex account in USA    without any delay. However, funds invested in real estate can’t be withdrawn instantly as investors have to wait for months to see their investments to realize.


Managed forex accounts in USA offered by reliable companies like Forex92 provide very good level of leverage to their investors.  Forex Leverage is a very good way for an investor to trade much bigger volumes than they can in normal situations. However, investors must keep an eye on the risk attached with using various levels of forex leverage offered by managed forex account in USA companies.

Unique trading techniques used by Forex92

Forex92 uses technical analysis as its main tool while implementing its trading strategy. Volume spread analysis and price action strategy are two most important pillars of its strategy which are supported by tools such as trend lines and Fibonacci retracement levels.

Trend lines and Resistance /support levels

Forex92 team gives special importance to trend lines, resistance / support levels as they are most important tools of technical analysis. Resistance levels are formed whenever forex market is moving upwards. Resistance levels play their role to pull back the price towards the trend line. This thing is mainly caused by short-term profit taking by investors. Team Forex92 pays special attention to this trend as it helps it to trace out the support level for the currency pair. Similarly,  when price of the currency pair moves down then forex92 team keeps a close eye on the declining peaks as it helps it to trace out support levels for their customers.

Fibonacci retracement levels

Fibonacci retracements are another very important tool used by Team Forex92 to determine set price targets, stop loss levels and to place entry levels.

Fibonacci levels are frequently used by team Forex92 in Gartley patterns and Elliott Wave theory.  Retracement levels help to find the accurate price reversal levels of the selected currency pair. The identification of price levels are very easy as Fibonacci retracement levels are static prices that do not change, unlike moving averages.  This also permits Forex92 team to quickly anticipate and react to the price movements.

Important features of managed forex account in USA  services offered by Forex92

Forex 92 currently provides  3 types of managed forex accounts in USA to its customers.

1) Personal account

2) Business account

3)  Enterprise account

Following are main features of these 3 kinds of accounts.

Personal account

Personal account facility is most appropriate for newbie investors who don’t have enough experience of forex trading. This kind of account is suitable for newbie investors who want to test their skills and luck with a small amount of investment. This account can be easily opened with a minimum investment of $5000 and it promises to provide 20% monthly return. In addition, company charges performance fee of 35% on monthly profits. Investors have to face minimum risk level on this account and Forex 92 provides regular customer support to users .

Business Account

Business account facility is appropriate for investors who are very busy and they want to earn quick bucks on their investment. This kind of account can be opened with the investment of $10,000 and it promises to provide 25% Monthly Return for its users. Investors have to face low risk  level while using this account and company offers a dedicated account manager for customers .

Enterprise Account

Enterprise account facility is a good option for people who want to risk large amount of capital for forex trading. This account can be opened with a minimum amount of $50,000 and it promises to offer 30% Monthly Return. Forex 92 charges performance fee of 25% on the Monthly Profits earned by users. The risk level on this account is almost zero and account users get a facility of dedicated fund manager.

Forex92 accepts US clients

Forex92 has become one of the most reputable managed forex account in USA                                                   companies in the world. Therefore, it has recently started accepting US clients and that is proof of good reputation of the company. This also shows that company has also established its name in advanced countries like United States of America.

Who Is Forex92? Does It Offer Managed forex account in USA                                      s?

Fore92 is one of the most well-known and well reputed managed forex account in USA  services provider in the world. It has been providing quality forex services to its prestigious customers for last 4 years. The main headquarters of the company are located in Limassol, Cyprus. Forex92 has hired skilled, professional and qualified fund managers who know how to deal with stressful situations. The Forex92 team is headed by Usman Ahmed who is a well known name in the forex industry as  his company is also providing investment advices to many other financial services providers. Forex92 also provides some additional services such as working capital management, ratio analysis, forex signals and crypto managed accounts to its clients. The company promises to provide regular monthly returns on low cost managed forex accounts in USA . Clients can expect to get a profit return of 20%-25% on their managed forex accounts in USA while 50%-100% return is offered on crypto managed accounts.

Is Forex 92 a scam or legal Company ?

Forex92 is 100 % legal and well reputed company working with the world’s top-rated brokers. The company is well known for its quality customer support and managed forex account in USA services. The company also keeps a detailed account of its trading performance and that account shows the excellent past performance of the company. Customers can access the performance records by clicking on the given link on the company website.


Managed forex account in USA  is a very effective way for forex investors  to earn profit from their investments. A reliable managed forex account in USA  company provides quality fund managers to its clients. It is a very good thing for investors who don’t have  knowledge, experience, and time to devote to their trading activities. Managed forex account in USA  is also very good for the people who don’t have good emotional intelligence to face stressful situations during bearish trend.

Managed forex account in USA  is the safest investment option for new and experienced forex investors. However, investors must carry out necessary checks before selecting a particular managed forex account in USA company as internet scammers are becoming stronger with every passing day. Therefore, forex investors must take care while selecting a managed forex account in USA services provider. In addition, investor must also get complete information about the procedure related to account opening and forex trading.