Crypto Robot 365: Scam or Legit?

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CryptoRobot365 Review


What is Crypto Robot 365? Crypto Robot 365 is an automated trading robot designed to facilitate traders looking for automatic trading in binary options. Although it is not the first […]

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Broker CryptoRobot365
Website URL NEW
Founded 2016
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $250
Free Demo Account No
US Traders Allowed Yes
Overall Score 91%


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  • High Payouts
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What is Crypto Robot 365?

Crypto Robot 365 is an automated trading robot designed to facilitate traders looking for automatic trading in binary options. Although it is not the first robot made available in the market, it has something new to offer which other competitor robots do not. Without making it look odd, we are going to review Crypto Robot 365 in an unbiased manner. It is a robot that is capable of trading in a more advanced form of a currency known as cryptocurrency.

Is Crypto Robot 365 Really A SCAM?

It is a fact that the market is flooded with many scam robots. We too had some reservation concerning the legitimacy of the robot. We decided to review it thoroughly and to our amazement we find that it is one of the best and legit robots capable of trading cryptocurrency. Yes, that true! Now traders can trade bitcoins and other digital currencies using Crypto Robot 365. It works the same way as other binary options robot do, but its unique design, user-friendly interface, and customizable features make it stand out of the crowd.

Many of you may be still wondering what this terminology “crypto” is used for? For your information, it is a type of digital currency that is encrypted in such a way that no one can copy it. All cryptocurrency transactions take place in a block chain which is a kind of public ledger. Each bitcoin has its value and can be used for once only. People can store bitcoins using online wallets on their phones, tablets, hard drives etc. until they use it. Having said that, let’s get back to our underlying robot that we selected to review as we came across many traders wishing to use a robot that allows them to trade cryptocurrencies.

Main Features of Crypto Robot 365

  • The robot is capable of generating successful trades of more than 90%
  • It uses most advanced trading strategies keeping the risk to an optimum level.
  • It uses most popular money management strategies for trading purposes such as classic, martingale, and Fibonacci
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows traders to use it comfortably
  • It has seven most common technical trend indicators available for traders to develop their trading strategies.
  • It is fully customizable and automated.
  • It can be configured as per the needs of individual traders.
  • It has no associated cost – No upfront or recurring charges.
  • It can be accessed anytime, using a computer connected to the internet from any part of the world.
  • It has proven record history of its past performance
  • It comes with 24/5 customer support

Pros of Using Crypto Robot 365

Since Crypto Robot 365 was designed after extensive research work, maximum optimization and back testing, it can bring traders more than 90% of trades being successful. This is not just for the sake of talk, we really mean that. However, you are not required to keep our words, obviously, you have your own will. You can see the past performance of the robot yourself. Moreover, a demo account is also offered so that you may use it without risking your real money and find us suggesting you the best binary options trading robot in the market.

Traders can customize Crypto Robot 365 as per their needs. Traders have the option to use any or all of the seven most commonly used technical indicators to devise their trading strategies. Traders can also use different available money management strategies to place their trades that includes classic, Fibonacci and martingale. The robot is designed in such a way that it incorporates maximum security and risk aversion parameters. It places a trade finding the best opportunity available following the right time when the market is supposed to be most volatile.

Cons of Using a Crypto Robot 365

Since the robot is fully customizable and the traders have to configure it by themselves, therefore, trades especially those who are new to trading find it a bit difficult. Obviously, they may do not have any idea about the best trading strategy, most useful technical indicator, appropriate money management strategy etc. Still, novice traders do not need to get worried because Crypto Robot 365 has the user’s manual available to guide traders the proper settings recommended by their experts.

Another disadvantage is that it is based on the web. You cannot use it until you have a computer with an internet connection. Please note that it can also be used via mobile phones and tablets still internet connectivity is a must. Sometimes electricity failure or outage of internet connectivity can make your trades effected for example as soon as you place a trade and got disconnected, it is very likely that you trade is not communicated to the server and the possible opportunity is lost. This can, however, be dealt with a smooth internet connection and electricity backups such as UPS (ultra-power savers) or charged devices.


As mentioned earlier, Crypto Robot 365 is offered for free and has no associated cost. You are required to open an account with one of the recommended brokers of the robot company in order to be able to use it. To be very honest, this conditional offer has something to understand and that is the company has to find its way to get compensated. Therefore, by referring customers the company receives a referral commission from brokers. To cut it short, the company charge brokers but not the customers.

Customer Support

Reputed companies understand the importance of customer support and therefore, ensures that efficient customer facilitation staff is available to assist trader round the clock. Crypto Robot 365 does the same. Well trained, sophisticated professional staff is available 24/5 to assist traders. Traders can contact them via phone, email or a live chat interface.

Conclusion – Scam or Legit?

After going through an extensive research, we formed our opinion in favor of Crypto Robot 365 after founding it a legit robot. It is one of the best binary option trading robots available in the market. Its user-friendly interface, fully customizable features, advanced trading strategies, 24/5 customer support makes it stand alone. We also came across many reviews and comments of traders already using the Crypto Robot 365, they all seemed pretty satisfied. Therefore, we give them five (5) stars suggesting traders come join them and start making profits.


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